Our Services

Neighborhood nerd offers many services for both home and small businesses. Our flat rate fee allows you the piece of mind that costs will not get out of control. Flat rate is for labor only when dropped off at our location. If any of our services requires parts it will be parts plus flat fee.

Spyware/Virus Removal ($50): This is the most common issue that we solve for. Symptoms of spyware are random popups, extreme slow down of the PC, files randomly disappearing, inability to surf the web, alerts such as "purchase this software to remove spyware" or "Virus Detected" as well as not even allowing you to log into your computer.

Computer Optimization ($50): If your computer is running slow even after you have cleaned it out, your computer may need an optimization. We will clean out the registry of your PC, optimize the boot sequencing and help increase speed without additional software/hardware unless requested.

Desktop/Laptop Hardware Repairs & Upgrades ($50): Sometimes it's not the software at all but the Hardware that runs it all. We can troubleshoot and diagnose the issues and provide you with options to fix or upgrade your hardware. *Flat fee does not include parts only labor

Hard Drive Recovery & Backup Services (Prices vary): Before you throw in the towel, we can take a look and see if all hope is lost. In the past, users have been told their hard drive is completely dead and we have been able to revive it and get the data off. If we are unsucessful you only pay us $10! If we determine we are able to sucessfully recover data prices vary depending on how long it will take, with a maximum cost of $150. Most end up in the range of $50-100.

Migration Services ($50): Did you just buy a new PC? Are you switching to a Mac? We can help migrate your old data from an existing computer to a new one.

Website & Logo Design Services (Prices vary): If you need a whole new website or simply want someone to help you update or maintain your website then this service is perfect for you. We develop websites for you with your content displaying in the template, or we are willing to work within your current template to add new content or update existing content.

Training & Consulting ($50): If you need help setting up your new PC, help learning a new tablet or mobile device, or just need some advice on picking out the right computer or electronic device, we are available to help.